«LNG-AF»is a complex additive with a pronounced plasticizing effect intended for the concrete industry during concreting at negative temperatures 

to –18 ° C.

The additive «LNG-AF»should be used in conditions of low design temperatures for concrete hardening during the construction of monolithic concrete and reinforced concrete structures made of heavy concrete.

The use of additives «LNG-AF»in modern production technologies

concrete allows to improve the workability of the concrete mix and to ensure the flow of cement hydration processes at a temperature of hardening of concrete from 0 to -18*С.

Supplement is not recommended:

In the designs and transport constructions which are under influence of a direct electric current;

In prestressed structures reinforced with steel of classes At-III, At-IVC, At-IV, At-V, At-VI, A-IV, AV, operated in aggressive media.

The additive «LNG-AF»does not reduce the protective properties of concrete in relation to steel reinforcement and does not cause corrosion of reinforcement in concrete. Also the additive does not contribute to the formation of efflorescence.

Recommended dosages under different temperature conditions:

–  0 – 50С -0,9%

– -5-100С – 1,2%

– 10-150С – 1,5%

Up to -180С – 1,9% for a end product

The recommended storage temperature of the additive is not lower than + 5 ° C. 

The minimum shelf life is 6 months. Delivery is carried out to the buyer’s warehouse around the clock in bulk in tank trucks or tanks of 1000 liters.

Minimum lot of 1000 liters. Price is negotiable.