«LNG-PK» is superplasticizer with a high water-reducing effect for the production of ready-mixed concrete.

Raw material base – Polycarboxylate ester

Color – Light brown turbid liquid

Density (at 20 ° C) 1,052 ± 0,05 g / cm3

PH value (at 20 ° C) 5 ± 1,0

Additive for concrete «LNG-PK»is intended for:

– production of ready-mixed concrete of medium and high grades in strength;

– production of concrete with the highest performance in durability (frost resistance), water resistance and abrasion;

– production of self-compacting concrete mixtures;

– the additive does not contain chlorides and therefore can be used in the production of reinforced concrete structures without restrictions, including with prestressed reinforcement.

The recommended dosage range of «LNG-PK» :from 0,8 to 1,3% by weight of cement (according to the commercial solution of the additive).

The dosage required in specific cases is guided by the required properties of the concrete mix and concrete. It should be determined in the selection of the composition.

The additive should be added to the concrete mix not earlier than with the supply of water for mixing, and it is also necessary to ensure sufficient time for mixing the materials after adding the additive.

During storage, the additive should be protected from low temperatures and impurities. The minimum shelf life in normal storage is 1 year. In the case of freezing the additive it must be brought to a liquid state under the action of temperatures not more than 50° C. Thereafter it is necessary to conduct mixing until a homogeneous mass.

Delivery is carried out to the buyer’s warehouse around the clock in bulk in tank trucks or tanks of 1000 liters. Minimum lot of 1000 liters. Price is negotiable.