OOO “ZHELNA” was founded in 2005. The main activity of the company is the production and supply of chemical additives for the production of concrete. From 2006 to 2012, the company was an exclusive partner in Russia for the German concern KNOPP-Chemie GmbH, successfully implementing and supplying KNOPP products to Russia and Kazakhstan. Our company is one of the first Russian enterprises, started practical implementation of polycarboxylate additives in the production of concrete at domestic concrete plants. Successfully cooperating with the largest construction corporations and medium-sized concrete production. In 2008, our clients are PIK Group, Corporation Gross Group, FSUE Spetsstroy, Union “Odintsovo-concrete”, etc. In the same year, LTD ZHELNA first began supplying polycarboxylate additives on the construction market of Kazakhstan. Our partners in Kazakhstan steel Corporations BASIS-A, and KOYAT.

Having gained extensive experience in the practical implementation of additives of German production in Russia and Kazakhstan, the company ZHELNA began to develop its own products.

Currently, our enterprise carries out the production activities in the Sverdlovsk region.

The range of products-plasticizers for mortars, ready-mixed concrete and concrete products, as well as a wide range of construction chemicals (additives –increasing the water resistance of concrete, hardening accelerators, antifreeze additives, additives for the production of refractory concretes). At the same time, we can offer additives of different price categories and efficiency depending on the needs of the customer. It can be as additives on the basis of polycarboxylates (raw materials for production of this product are delivered generally from Russia that allows to maintain stable prices of own production and not to depend on foreign producers), complex additives on the basis of naphthalene-containing components, and on the basis of the modified lignosulfonates. 

Our specialists developed the technology of production of high-strength concrete using own materials, tested the use of our products in the technology of encapsulation of drilling fluids, production of heat-resistant concrete and much more.

Selection of the most effective variant of construction chemistry is carried out in the process of interaction with the potential consumer. Testing those materials on which our customer works, we can offer him that product which with the greatest efficiency will meet his requirements.

Technical support specialists are in constant contact with consumers, which allows us to quickly respond to emerging issues related to the use of our products.

Production capacities of the enterprise allow to let out all range of production in volume to 3000 tons of a commodity product a month.

In the near future, our company is preparing to move to a deeper synthesis of elements for the production of additives based on polycarboxylates, which will reduce dependence on suppliers of raw materials.

The specialists of OOO “ZHELNA” – developers and technical support team is ready to develop compositions and to incorporate our products in any materials and in any climate.

General Director                                                      Sergey Zhelnin