chemical additive «LNG P-1» is a plasticizer based on modified technical lignosulfonates with  (normalized) air entrapment and high stabilizing effect

The product is used  for concrete and mortar production and transporting them over long distances.

LNG P-1» can be used to produce monolithic structures of heavy  fine-grained concrete in the construction of various applications: civilian, industrial, transport, etc., as well as for mortar’s production. The use of the «LNG P-1»additive in modern concrete production technology makes it possible to produce concrete mixtures of high mobility, easily pumpable, resistant to delamination and water separation, with increased survivability, which ensures high technological properties of concrete, their strength and durability.

The additive «LNG P-1»should be used in concretes of classes B7.5-B50 with mobility P1-P5.

In the production of concrete for monolithic structures at a dosage of 0.9% -1.3% by weight of cement, the use of the «LNG P-1»additive allows to solve the following tasks:

   – Increasing the survivability of the concrete mix up to 3 hours or more depending on the materials used;

– Stable indicators for air content of 1.0-3.0%;

– High strength concrete without increasing the consumption of cement;

– High stabilizing effect.

The additive is introduced on the product without recounting to dry matter. The optimal dosage is 1,0%.

During storage the additive should be protected from low temperatures and impurities. The minimum shelf life in the closed state at a temperature of + 20 ° C is 1 year.

During storage the additive does not precipitate.

Delivery is carried out to the buyer’s warehouse around the clock in bulk in tank trucks or tanks of 1000 liters. Minimum lot of 1000 liters. Price is negotiable.